5 Ways Your Sense of Smell Influences Your Everyday Life

When you think of the five senses, your mind might leap first to your sense of sight and all the visual wonders you might behold. Perhaps you’re like me and usually think first with your stomach, placing taste at the top of your sense priority. However, you might be surprised at how important of a role your sense of smell plays in your day-to-day decisions, emotions, and memories.

Anyone who makes choices about business interiors should always remain conscious of how the space is experienced by smell. Whether it’s a retail space with customers, a hotel lobby with guests, or an office space with clients and employees, scents (both pleasing and off-putting) can make a big difference. Why is our sense of smell so important? Read below to discover 5 ways smell influences your everyday life. Read More »

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Living Green Walls: The Wallpaper of the Future is Alive!

Living green walls (also known as vertical gardens) are becoming more and more predominant in the interior design field today due to the vast array of benefits they give to business premises and public areas.

Firstly, what is a living green wall?

A living green wall is a vertical garden attached to a designated area on the exterior or in the interior of a building. The eco-friendly structures can liven up an atmosphere instantly with vibrant colors, breathtaking design and host of holistic benefits.

OK, so you might be thinking, “What do these living green walls even do, anyway?” Below we’ve listed the key reasons why these living, breathing walls of green will be the wallpaper of the future;

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Video: The Principles of Biophilia

Want to learn more about Biophilia? Visit our interactive Biophilia website @ www.ambius.com/biophilia

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History of a Green Thumb: Frederick Law Olmsted

“The enjoyment of scenery employs the mind without fatigue and yet exercises it; tranquilizes it and yet enlivens it; and thus, through the influence of the mind over the body gives the effect of refreshing rest and reinvigoration to the whole system.” – Frederick Law Olmsted

Although, Frederick Law Olmsted, throughout his professional life at various points, worked as a farmer, sailor, gold prospector, merchant, journalist, and administrator, the quintessential man for all seasons is most fondly remembered for his considerable contributions to landscape design. Olmsted, in fact, is widely heralded as “The Father of Landscape Design” having helped design some of North America’s most famous public parks. Read More »

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Photo Gallery: Longwood Gardens Green Wall

Nestled in the Brandywine Valley of southeast Pennsylvania, Longwood Gardens is one of North America’s foremost botanical gardens. The world-famous horticulture showplace set out to make a bold statement by choosing to add a history-making green wall to the interior expansion of their East Conservatory. Designed landscape architect, Kim Wilke, and installed by Ambius’ Special Projects team led by Denise Eichmann, the 4,072 sq ft green wall at Longwood Gardens surpassed the previous longest green wall in North America by 1,210 sq ft.

For her work, Denise Eichmann was lauded at the 2011 PIA Awards for the Longwood green wall, winning the annual industry gala’s best-in-show honor, the Judge’s Award. Scroll through this photo gallery of photos of the green wall to appreciate the true singular nature of the project. Read More »

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