The DNA of a Green Wall

A private, master’s level university located in Charlotte’s Myers Park neighborhood, Queens University has been an educational beacon in the state of North Carolina for over 150 years. To provide students and faculty with state-of-the-art classrooms and offices, Queens broke ground on the Rogers Science and Health Building in May 2011. In line with the university’s commitment to green initiatives, the building was designed with multiple features that would help it qualify for Platinum LEED certification.

In addition to a rooftop greenhouse and a parking lot canopy featuring photovoltaic solar panels, the Health and Science’s design called for a 24 foot by 35 foot living green wall composed of plants native to the Tar Heel State and a double-helix design. Read More »

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Wise Words: The Best Time To Plant A Tree

For more wise words, pictures, and videos, visit our Pinworthy Pictures & Video Section.

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Plants and People: The Biophilia Hypothesis

Why do people put plants inside buildings? Since the dawn of civilization, humans have gone to great lengths to adorn their man-made structures with plant life of all species and sizes. The easy answer to that question would point to the inherent aesthetic quality of plants. While there’s no discounting the radiance of a rose or the lushness of a living wall, the benefits our green friends provide humankind are more complex than you might think.

For decades, scientists have been exploring the connection between plants and people. Universities on both sides of the Atlantic  have conducted studies that have found that by introducing plants into interior spaces, buildings can lower carbon dioxide levels, lower noise levels, clean the air of harmful gases, increase productivity, and even reduce absenteeism. Read More »

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Video: March Gardening Tips

Love gardening? Why not bring the outside in? Click here to download our White Paper on “Plants in Green Buildings” & read up on the benefits of indoor plants.

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Do Plants Communicate With Each Other?

Do you ever have the feeling that you aren’t alone? Or that some shady characters are holed up in the van parked across the street monitoring your conversations? Well, as it turns out, the plants on your desk may well be listening to you too. They might even be talking about you and your co-workers to their other desk-plant friends right now!

Normally, the idea of talking plants would be reserved in the realms of science-fiction and fantasy – I’m thinking of those walking, talking Ents in The Lord Of The Rings – but scientists have discovered that plants may actually communicate with each other. Read More »

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