Re-Potting Houseplants 101

Potting plants indoorsRe-potting plants are sometimes a required activity when caring for plants indoors. If your plants are thriving and are placed in appropriately sized pots, there should be no need to re-pot.

The first thing you should establish is if you really do need to re-pot your indoor plant.  Before deciding to re-pot your plant, you will want to consider first other factors that could be affecting the health of your indoor plant, such as watering or sunlight. Possible signs that a houseplant needs to be re-potted include: Read More »

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8 Plant-Based Superheroes & Villains

Comic Book Image2The world of comic books has always turned to nature for inspiration. The insect world gave the world the likes of Spider-Man and Ant-Man.

Mammals have inspired superheroes such as Animal Man, the Black Panther and others. However, being plant lovers here at Greener on the Inside, we know that greenery has its own unique set of abilities that would make excellent superhuman abilities.

Fortunately for comic book fans, the creators of a whole host of heroes and villains have often turned to the world of plants to create heroes and villains. Here’s a look at 8 of them. Read More »

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Fairy Garden Plant Ideas

Succulents plants on a shoeFairy gardens are miniature, outdoor, whimsical gardens containing small plants and accessories that one could imagine fairies frequenting.

Especially popular with small children, fairy gardens are great projects for both experienced gardeners or for those who are beginners.

These miniature gardens are also a great way to introduce kids to nature and caring for plants. The possibilities are endless when it comes to creating a fairy garden, but we do have recommendations on which plants would work best.

We asked Senior Horticulturist, Matt Kostelnick, which plants he would recommend for gardeners to use in their fairy garden. We categorized his recommendations based on which season and climate each plant grows best in. Read More »

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Getting to Know the ZZ Plant

zamioculcas-zamiifoliaWhen you are looking for an office plant, there are usually a few things that are important to choosing the right one. First, there is the appearance of the plant, which must be attractive and fit in with the decor of the office.

Second, it must be easy to take care of because a busy office is a tough place in which to focus on plant care. Third, it should beneficial to the overall health of the place, using a plant’s air purifying abilities and other healthy attributes. Finally, it should not require much in the way of light or water so that it can be long lasting indoors.

All of those requests explain why, in recent years, one of the most popular indoor plant has become the Zamioculcas, which is more commonly known as the ZZ plant. A plant that, before 1996, was probably not known to anyone outside of the continent of Africa, but has now become one of the most popular indoor and office plants around.

Here are the details about the ZZ plant, and why they have become so popular for interior landscaping projects. Read More »

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National Plants at Work Week: Biophilic Design in the Modern World

Employee working at desk in the morning sunlightThe average American now spends 90 percent of their time in indoor environments and a generous portion of that time is spent in their office building or workplace. This staggering figure suggests that it’s more important than ever for employees to have access to plants and biophilic design in their everyday lives.

It’s for this very reason that events such as National Plants at Work Week, which will occur from July 11-15, are so important in our modern industrial society.  The annual event raises awareness about the effects of plants and biophilic design in the workplace while emphasizing their benefits such as reduced stress, increased productivity, enhanced creativity, and improved employee well-being. Read More »

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