Summer Gardening Tips


Ah, summer! There’s so much to look forward to this season. Whether you’re inviting over friends and family for barbecues or taking that much-needed vacation, most people can agree that summertime is the highlight of their year.

But, summer is the season for gardening, as well. The warm climate and sunshine allow for plants and flowers to reach their full potential. Although Mother Nature is on your side, it doesn’t hurt to have summer gardening tips in your back pocket.

Here are five summer gardening tips to help you grow your best summer garden yet. Read More »

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Ultimate Guide to Terrariums

Ultimate Guide to Terrariums

Terrariums: low-maintenance, space-saving and simply beautiful. These are just a few of the reasons why terrariums are great for people living in small spaces or for those who just love to garden.

Just by doing a Google search, you’ll get inspired by the variety of plants, rocks and other decorative items you can add to your mini-garden.

While they are easy to make, there are tips and other pieces of important information you should know so you can get the most out of your terrarium. Matt Kostelnick, Senior Horticulturist at Ambius has answered frequently asked questions about terrariums. Read more below: Read More »

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6 Reasons Why Plants Are Office Superheroes

3d superhero with small green plant concept

Superhero powers have always amazed us mere mortal humans and movies like Captain America: Civil War remind us of that.

The undeniable strength of Iron Man and uncanny psychological abilities of Black Widow set these heroes apart from the rest of world.

Other Marvel movies like, Ant-Man, Spider-Man and Guardians of the Galaxy have featured characters inspired by Mother Nature’s creations.

Similarly, plants have special powers of their own, transforming offices into places of tranquility and creativity. Read More »

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5 Weird Plants From Around the World

5 weird plantsWhen you think of plants, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Beautiful bouquets? Delicate, fragrant petals?

This is typically what people think of when they think of plants.

But, Mother Nature knows no bounds and you may be surprised by the weird and wonderful types of plants she has created.

For example, Titan arum or the “Corpse Flower” is the largest flower in the world but smells like rotting meat, hence its name. Or, what about the Parrot Flower found in Southeast Asia? When viewed from its side, it looks like a parrot.

We’ve hand-picked five plants that’ll be sure to grab your attention and inspire you. These species don’t look like your typical plant but that’s what makes them so interesting. Read More »

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Hydroculture: Growing Plants Without Soil

HydrocultureThere are other ways to grow plants than with soils. In fact, there have been advances in the ways people can grow plants and flowers using mediums other than soil and standard growing mediums.

These methods use less water because they use substances other than standard water and growing mediums.

One of the methods that people know about is hydroponics, which grows plants in a liquid solution without the use of soil. The other is called hydroculture, and that is similar but also very different at a fundamental level.

We asked the Ambius Plant Doctor to explain what hydroculture is and what the benefits of using this growing method is for indoor plants. Read More »

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