The Definitive Guide to Knowing When Spring Has Sprung

ThinkstockPhotos-87152816There is more to the start of spring than a calendar date. March 20th can arrive with snow still falling and a general feeling that despite the calendar date, spring hasn’t arrived yet.

The real spring comes with a distinct feeling to it that is recognizable and carries with it a sense of elation.  You can always tell the real spring has arrived when the birds flock back from their southern vacations, the air begins to smell sweet again, the days become warmer, and the daylight hangs around later and later. But are there more definitive signs that can tell us when spring has officially sprung. That’s what we’re here for.

Nature provides plenty of clues that let us know that it’s time to hang up the winter coats. Here is a list of the things to look for to let you know that spring has officially arrived. Read More »

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The Office Trends of Tomorrow: Designs to Expect in 2016

Featured ImageThe way we work is ever evolving, and design plays a key role in ensuring that employees are effective, enthusiastic, and happy. The role of workplace design has progressed towards a people-centric approach that balances traditional workplace efficiency while embracing newer concepts such as employee well-being, sustainability, and overall wellness.

This is demonstrated best by the recent adoption of the “open concept” office. Until recently the idea of an open concept office space would have seemed absurd to many employers and facility managers who saw the traditional closed-off cubicle spaces as the most practical and efficient design concept. Fast forward to today you will notice that the open concept floor plan has taken over many of the office landscapes.

With the open collaborative office concept now a standard in today’s office designs, what will the offices of tomorrow look like? Read More »

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Gardens Gone Wild – Introducing Edible Landscapes

ThinkstockPhotos-149164106There’s a growing subculture of gardeners who are breaking from the traditional vegetable garden and bravely going where few gardeners have gone before. The days where vegetables are strictly relegated to wooden boxes or a small patch of land tucked away in the back corner of the yard are coming to an end as the trend towards sustainable, functional, and edible landscapes takes hold. Read More »

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Scent Marketing Makes Happy Shoppers

Scenting CollageThe fascinating trend for retailers to incorporate experiential marketing into their retail spaces is becoming increasingly popular, and as consumers experience this exciting way of shopping, the benefits are becoming very real and obvious.

Sights, sounds and touch are a great way to stimulate the senses, but smell is the most powerful of our five senses and 75% of the emotions we generate on a daily basis are affected by smell.  Since smell bypasses mental judgement and interpretation, it is also the most influential.

When we consider the multiplier effect; where measurements demonstrate that if you trigger two senses brand impact  increases by 30% and if trigger three senses it increases by 70% – we can see exactly how air aroma through scent marketing can give retailers an outcome that positively influence shopper’s perceptions. The focus is squarely on commercial appeal to consumers.

Let’s take a look at the tangible benefits: Read More »

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5 Early Spring Gardening Tasks

GardeningThe weather is getting warmer and the snow is melting. If you’re new to gardening, you might be wondering what you should be doing so that you will have a beautiful garden when summer comes around. Is it too early to start planting? What do you need to do to get ready for the even warmer weather that’s coming?

At Ambius, we’re plant experts both indoors and outdoors. So, if you are wondering what you need to be doing with your backyard garden this early in the spring, here are five things you should consider. Read More »

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