Scent Marketing Makes Happy Shoppers

Scenting CollageThe fascinating trend for retailers to incorporate experiential marketing into their retail spaces is becoming increasingly popular, and as consumers experience this exciting way of shopping, the benefits are becoming very real and obvious.

Sights, sounds and touch are a great way to stimulate the senses, but smell is the most powerful of our five senses and 75% of the emotions we generate on a daily basis are affected by smell.  Since smell bypasses mental judgement and interpretation, it is also the most influential.

When we consider the multiplier effect; where measurements demonstrate that if you trigger two senses brand impact  increases by 30% and if trigger three senses it increases by 70% – we can see exactly how air aroma through scent marketing can give retailers an outcome that positively influence shopper’s perceptions. The focus is squarely on commercial appeal to consumers.

Let’s take a look at the tangible benefits: Read More »

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5 Early Spring Gardening Tasks

GardeningThe weather is getting warmer and the snow is melting. If you’re new to gardening, you might be wondering what you should be doing so that you will have a beautiful garden when summer comes around. Is it too early to start planting? What do you need to do to get ready for the even warmer weather that’s coming?

At Ambius, we’re plant experts both indoors and outdoors. So, if you are wondering what you need to be doing with your backyard garden this early in the spring, here are five things you should consider. Read More »

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Green Wall Project: Trico Centre in Calgary, AB

How can you harness tTrico Center Calgaryhe beauty and power of nature in your interior without taking up precious floor space?  Living green walls are the answer.

Grown vertically using hydroponics, living green walls are panels of plants that can be installed either on the interior or exterior of a property.

Vertical gardens big and small are bringing walls to life in all types of buildings. One business in Calgary, Alberta embraced the vertical gardening revolution and added a beautiful green wall that greeted guests to their facility with lush greenery.

Trico Centre (formally known as the Family Leisure Centre) has been serving Calgary’s South communities for over 33 years. Over the years, the non-profit charitable organization has evolved into an exceptional facility that promotes a healthy lifestyle and offers the community affordable and innovative programs.  Read More »

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10 Reasons Why You Should Scent Your Store

10 Reasons to Scent Your StoreThe interaction between customers and retailers is a multi-sensory experience. The way we relate to our favorite stores is often influenced by all five of the senses. However, the subtle yet powerful sense of smell often goes undervalued by brands.

21st century consumers demand an emotional and meaningful experience. Shoppers view their favorite stores as their “happy place.”

Retailers can harness the power of scent to improve their business in many ways – from evoking positive memories to increasing shopper “dwell time.”

Ambius is dedicated to helping businesses create unforgettable ambiances with our Premium Scenting service. Thus, we thought it would be helpful to list our top “10 Reasons Why You Should Scent Your Store” below. Read More »

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Photo Gallery: Succulents

Succulent PhotosOn the heels of Greener on the Inside’s Ultimate Guide to Succulents being published on the blog last month, we thought it would be a great idea to share with you all some visual examples of these wonderful plants.

Fortunately, the Ambius Plant Doctor, Matt Kostelnick, is a talented photographer of all things green and growing. If you need further evidence, check out Matt’s photo essay about Hawaiian orchids here.

Besides being low maintenance plants that thrive indoors, succulents are also highly photogenic. From cacti to Sansevieria, succulents are greatly varied in their appearance. So whether you’re locked away indoors hiding from the cold of February or lucky enough to be enjoying this winter in a tropical climate, sit back and enjoy this collection of succulent beauty.

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