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The New Natural Habitat: How Biophilia and WELL are Changing the Way We Work

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For hundreds of thousands of years, man roamed the grassy plains, the dense forests, and the rugged mountains of the world as nomadic peoples, steeped in the natural world and beholden to it for their own survival. They followed the great herds as they traversed some of the most breathtaking and serene landscapes of the [...]

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How To Use Nature-Inspired Design In Offices

Nature Inspired Design

The Greener on the Inside blog shares some ways offices can use nature-inspired design to create a better workplace for colleagues and customers alike.

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Biophilia: The State of Grace in the Workplace

Biophilia: The State of Grace In the Workplace

Biophilia, a term used to describe the innate need humans feel for nature, is influencing the way we design our building interiors. Greener on the Inside explores biophilia and its role in today’s world.

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Biophilia Goes Down Under

Ambius Australia Plant Giveaway

Go behind-the-scenes the successful experiential promotional campaign where the Australia team gave away 10,000 plants to office workers.

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Video: The Principles of Biophilia

Watch this video clip & learn the principles of Biophilia (man’s innate need for nature) and how nature-inspired design can create better workplaces.

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