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Biophilia Goes Down Under

Ambius Australia Plant Giveaway

Go behind-the-scenes the successful experiential promotional campaign where the Australia team gave away 10,000 plants to office workers.

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Plants May Be Slowing Global Warming

Plants May Reduce Global Warming

A group of researchers from IIASA and the University of Helsinki have published findings that show that plants release gases that mitigate global warming.

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Greenify Your Office On Earth Day With Plants

Greenify Your Office on Earth Day with Plants

Celebrate Earth Day by adding a new friend to your desk at work – a plant! Office plants clean the air and connect you to the revitalizing powers of nature.

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Video: Plants With a Purpose

The benefits of using plants indoors is illustrated creatively in this entertaining and educational video produced by Costa Farms.

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Ambius Customer Service: The Power of a Smile

Photo by Zitona

A blogger gains a greater appreciation for the power of a smile after spending the day riding along with an Ambius Customer Service Specialist on her plant care route.

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