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The Pitfalls of DIY Holiday Decorating for Businesses

This Holiday season don’t let DIY stand for Don’t Injure Yourself! Instead of stressing over decorations and planning, let Ambius handle the job for you!

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Britain’s Favourite Smells

Do you have a favourite smell that always brightens your mood or makes you feel at ease? You’re not alone! Find out what aromas are the most and least popular!

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While Google Nose is a Laugh, Scenting is No Joke

While Google Nose may be a humorous April Fools Day prank by the search engine giant, the use of scenting in modern day life is prevalent everywhere you turn.

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5 Ways Your Sense of Smell Influences Your Everyday Life

5 Things You Don't Know About Your Sense of Smell

Greener on the Inside explores 5 interesting ways your sense of smell influences your daily behavior and emotions.

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Plantscaper Profile: Janice Nath

Sheraton San Diego Photo 1

Ambiance architect and design expert, Janice Nath, discusses how hotels can create a positive first impression with plants, scenting, and holiday decorations.

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