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Benefits of working for us

We feel lucky that we attract people who are passionate about caring for our customers. Then again, luck might not have anything to do with. First, we start by employing people who are naturally caring, compassionate, fun, aware and engaging.

Then, when it comes to our service technicians, the people at the very heart of our business, we add a carefully designed career development program that inspires our colleagues to grow and connect with our customers. Then we give our people all the tools they need to deliver legendary services to our customers.

Ambius Values

  • Service - We are passionate about delivering excellent service to every customer.
  • Relationships - We value productive, long lasting relationships with our colleagues and customers.
  • Teamwork - We work together to deliver great results

Our Service Promise

With my Colleagues and Customers I promise to:

  • Inspire their imagination
  • Connect with a smile
  • Engage them emotionally
  • Grow their knowledge

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