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Ambius Charlotte, are the experts in providing businesses with living floral and interior landscaping solutions. Our expert designers will help you find the right indoor plants or holiday decor to make your space look fantastic. The benefits of plants are many, so start with a consult by one of our professionals.

Indoor Plant Specialists

Employees who spend hours and hours indoors can lose productivity and creativity. Biophilia studies show that employees placed away from windows and access to greenery suffer problems with concentration and effectiveness. We work with you to find the solution to make your space look great and provide employees that touch of nature they crave.

Our technicians are trained to help maintain indoor and office plants. We make sure the potted plants are cleaned, watered and taken care of. We also install Green Walls to get a larger number of plants in a smaller horizontal space.

The Right Holiday Decor

When the holidays come around there are things that help a retail space encourage shopping and entice customers. The first is a holiday display. The right holiday decorations provide warmth and comfort that encourage them to stay longer and buy. The second is scenting which can trigger memories and encourage good feelings.

You don't need a retail business to talk to our holiday decorating team. We can make your hotel or bank lobby, reception area or your entire building look fantastic during the holidays. We consult with businesses on their holiday decor needs all year round to find the right solution.

Ambius Charlotte Plant Solutions

Get all of the benefits of a green environment with Charlotte Ambius. We help with plants like office plants, plus premium scenting, artwork and more. Use our online form or call us to set up an appointment.

Seth Hardy, Branch Manager, Ambius Charlotte

Seth Hardy, Branch Manager, Ambius Charlotte
10806 Reames Road, Charlotte, NC 28269

Palms and Bromeliads

Palms and Bromeliads

Interior Office Plants

Interior Office Plants

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