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Welcome to Ambius Fort Worth, offering you a complete range of industry-leading design services for your business indoor landscapes. Rent plants from our interior plant service, select our ambiance-enhancing art that wonderfully complements your greenery or add ambient scenting to your workspaces. We will help you create inspiring interior plantscapes for your company. Ambius handles all of your workplace enhancements, big or small. We do it all. Contact us for a free quote.

Learn more about our Premium Scenting and living green wall services!

From small offices to sprawling corporate headquarters to busy retail malls, Ambius helps businesses create better environments for their customers and colleagues alike.

Our Ambius Fort Worth office offers you more than plant rental, interior landscaping, and plants maintenance programs. We offer you our award-winning, industry-leading expertise that can transform drab workplaces into warm spacing rich with plant life! Contact Ambius now to learn more about how we will help you!

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Interior Office Plants

Interior Office Plants

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Flowers/gifts for any occasion

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