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Ambius Las Vegas helps businesses add a splash of green in the middle of the desert. Las Vegas has an infamously dry climate and is surrounded on all sides by desert, which is why it's important to add indoor plants to your space. 

Las Vegas businesses rely on Amibus for office plants that will brighten their interiors. Plants make the entire experience of being indoors more pleasant and more fruitful. Greenery helps clean the air, pumps out oxygen, and makes otherwise drab spaces come to life. 

Las Vegas is one of the leading cities in the hospitality industry. Ambius can unlock nature's powers in any casino or hotel lobby. Our interior landscaping specialists offer a host of services from indoor plant rentals, green walls, scenting and holiday decorations

Customized Interior Landscaping 

We work with you and with the space that you have. Our interior landscaping designers will determine the right plants given the light levels, watering needs and plans that you have for your area. We also perform routine maintenance which includes pruning, watering and replacing indoor plants as needed. 

Interested in something more dramatic? A Live Panel (TM) living green wall gives your space that "wow" factor every business is seeking. This popular living green wall system allows you to benefit from the power of plants without taking up any floor space. 

Christmas and Holiday Decor Experts in Las Vegas 

It's tough to make people believe it's Christmas or the holidays in a climate that is more conductive to palm trees than pine trees. However, the Las Vegas holiday decoration experts at Ambius can help. We can install small and large installations from a simple office display to large-scale Christmas trees in major resorts. We will help you find the right holiday display for your space. Our Christmas and holiday designs include: 

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If you call us today and tell us what your space needs as far as office plant services, indoor plants, art, scenting or holiday decor, we'll get one of our interior landscaping experts on the case right away. We'll help you find the right solution for your space so you can have the benefits of plants and a building you'll be proud of.

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Exterior Holiday Decorations

Exterior Holiday Decorations

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Interior Holiday Decorating

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