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Welcome to Ambius Raleigh, offering you a complete range of design services for the business indoor landscape. Rent plants through our interior plant service, select art for your building, add ambient scenting to your workplace, or let us help with creating inspiring interior plantscapes for your company. Ambius can handle your project small or large. Contact us today for a free quote.

Ask us about our commercial holiday décor and seasonal office plants!

Raleigh Branch News

Welcome to Ambius Raleigh, where our focus is always on customer service. Since 1976, our office has partnered with clients to help improve their ROI (return on interiors). We find ways to offer a fresh design with plant displays, interior containers, wall art, and ambient scenting while working within a given budget. It is not too late to order your customized holiday decorations for install, but hurry while supplies last! And it’s never too early to plan and budget for a more intricate design for the holidays. 

Introducing The Ambius Smart Wall
A vertical, living green wall display with automatic irrigation encased in a decorative cabinet. Give our Raleigh office a call to find out more and ask for Betsy Clark, Design Consultant. Offering interior plant service for your office plants, and so much more.

We here at the Ambius Raleigh specialize in personalized floral and plant designs built around customers brand image and indoor plants service for workspaces in order to enhance the surroundings and atmosphere. Schedule a meeting to see how we can help:

  • Live Interior Plants and Decorative Containers
  • Guaranteed Plant Maintenance Service
  • Replica Plants
  • Ambius Corporate Art
  • Premium Scenting Ambient Scenting
  • Same Day delivery of Floral Arrangements
  • Holiday Decorating Services
  • Event Rentals
  • Living Smart Wall Green Walls

Ambius, known for delivering world-class plant service to customers.

Ambius Floral
There are so many beautiful options for every occasion. Order yours today, same day delivery. Visit our fresh cut floral website here.

Ambient scenting for your business
Ambius Raleigh Premium Scenting ambient scenting comes in a variety of scents. Going beyond our office plants service, let Ambius create a business interior that stimulates the senses.

Schedule a time to meet with our design consultants so we can help you explore ways to make your business more inviting for clients, guests, and employees. We truly strive to be your partner and to share your vision for improving your overall experience and brand image.

As a reminder, our Raleigh interior plant service offers a full range of Ambius office plants maintenance and servicing, including options to rent plants, living green walls, ambient scenting, replica plants, corporate art, and commercial holiday décor. See what the benefits of plants can do for your workplace!

Seth Hardy, Branch Manager, Ambius Raleigh

Seth Hardy, Branch Manager, Ambius Raleigh
11011 Longistics Way - Suite 100, Raleigh, NC 27617-1862

Fresh Cut Floral Raleigh

Fresh Cut Floral Raleigh

Interior Plant Service

Interior Plant Service

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