Ambius Tacoma Interior Landscaping Design

Ambius Tacoma has been providing spaces just like yours with indoor plant design services for years. Our design consultants turn uninteresting spaces into spaces that people talk about and employees enjoy.  Ambius interior landscaping experts will work with you to find the right combination of plants that work for the space that you have. From meeting rooms to lobby areas, we create stunning plant displays that make great impressions on both clients and employees.

Indoor Plant Services

Plants can help clean the air, and provide a welcome bit of green for those who may not be near windows. The benefits of plants have been well documented and we will find a solution for you. We will make sure your plants look great and help create a healthier environment inside your space.  Our plant rental service includes regular maintenance by an expertly trained plant care specialist. Our colleagues that service Tacoma area businesses are dedicated to caring for their customers and addressing all their concerns.

Experts in Holiday Decor

We go beyond just plants. If you have retail space or a space that people will be visiting during the holidays, finding the right holiday display and decorations will make sure it's a space people enjoy and talk about. Call us early in the year and get the holiday decoration process started early. That way when the holidays come, we'll have the right Christmas trees or holiday displays ready to go. You will get the maximum benefit of the right holiday display in your space during the entire season and we'll make sure it's installed right and taken down on time, too

Just Call the Office Plant Experts

We're ready to help right now. We have the interior landscaping designers and plant specialists ready to find the right solution for your space. Get the benefits of plants, scenting, artwork, replica plants and Green Walls for your space today. Call us or use our online form to get things started.

Don Koonce, Branch Manager, Ambius Seattle

Don Koonce, Branch Manager, Ambius Seattle
6242 S. 196th Street, Kent, WA 98032

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Exterior Floral Seattle

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Hotel Deca Exterior Install

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