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Maritz is a sales and marketing services company, which helps companies achieve their full potential through understanding, enabling, and motivating employees, channel partners and customers. 

Maritz provides marketing and customer research; communications; incentive initiatives; rewards and recognition programs; meeting, event & incentive travel management services; and consumer loyalty programs. 


They demonstrate our commitment to human potential by supporting educational endeavors in our community. The company’s facilities in Fenton, Missouri feature a heavily used corridor that joins two of their buildings.

“The corridor leads to the executive dining rooms that the Human Resources department and campus visitors frequent,” said Andree Wallgren, Director, Convention & Dining Services, Maritz. 

“Maritz had developed a global theme of Science, Art, People and Potential and how they all relate to one another. We decided to use adapt this corridor into an art gallery that showcased our theme.”

”We reached out to Ambius, who have handled our interior plant services for many years, for their help on transforming this busy corridor into a compelling art gallery,” said Wallgren. “When this project came up, I immediately thought of them as artwork is another area they represent and I have had success with them on other creative projects.”

“Maritz owned some original art pieces that they wanted to use and asked us to source about thirty new photographic images to incorporate,” said Charlee Storner, an award winning St. Louis based botanical stylist for Ambius. “Our challenge was to choose art that was implicit rather than explicit as we wanted to evoke thought and draw the viewer in.”

“We reviewed thousands of images to find exactly the right images to convey the powerful message of what Maritz Corporation is all about,” said Charlee. “In each category, Science, Art, People and Potential, we sought pieces that relate to one another in some way as well as act cohesively with a natural flow down the corridor. This was accomplished with close attention to placement.”

“Our tagline is ‘the Science and Art of People and Potential’ and the gallery of photographic images featured aptly represents those ideals,” said Wallgren. “Our local designers, Marvin and Charlee Storner, did a fantastic job of finding pieces that speak perfectly to our tagline. The Maritz Gallery showcases the spirit that these ideas evoke through the artwork that is displayed.”

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