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Chris Karl wrote a feature article for Retail Facility Business Magazine about the importance of incorporating plant life into retail spaces. 

Ambius Honored with Award at Prestigious Southern California Garden Show

Ambius Captures Second Place from More Than 75 Entries for Its Innovative Interior Design.

Encourage interiorscape customers to create healthier environments with plants.

Recently I met with an architect who designs healthcare facilities. He relayed how he absolutely detests the use of live plants in the properties he designs. “I don’t like that I can’t control the life cycle of the plant and how it continually changes its look,” he said with obvious disdain. I believe this obviously sedentary and obese architect has become, like so many people in this country, so far removed from nature and healthy living that he has forgotten the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and being in the company of greenery.

During the holiday season in Laguna Beach, we take on many of the characteristics of Seuss’ Whoville. In fact, now that I think about it … and given the Christmas warmth-and-cheer freak that I am … it could be why I chose to settle here in the first place.

Trees, Trains and Traditions Will Display Dazzling Christmas Trees, Miniature Trains, and Holiday Traditions From Around the World.

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