Tango with colour of 2012

By JOanne Craft

The holiday season is here and time to "bling" out your home here are some festive ideas.

Tangerine Tango, a spirited reddish-orange hue has been dubbed the colour of 2012. Add to that a lot of vibrant colours that convey happiness and positivity. Rich jewel tones, fuchsia, electric blue, turquoise, apple green create positive happy synergy!

Crystals and chandeliers and battery-operated candles are a hot trend for holiday 2012 as people look for warmth, sparkle and shine this holiday season.

Chandeliers created from flowing crystals and rhinestones dripping off metal tree stands, branches and floral arrangements add elegance and a sense of arrival. The reflective quality of the material brings depth and interest to any design.

Organic Cheer - A naturalistic trend- mixing permanent botanicals which are botanically-accurate replica plants made with authentic, dried stems and flowers from natural plant materials or with silk and plastics alongside live plants- is taking root this holiday. Hydrangea, yarrow, moss balls, bamboo and reindeer moss are some of the permanent botanicals trending this season.

Nature-inspired holiday trends include recycling old ornaments by wrapping fabric around them and tying with ribbon, and using burlap ribbon, leaves, berries, and recycled paper. The organic trend also favours celebrating nature with artificial birds including owls being popular this season.

White Goes with Everything - White is seen as clean, pure, fresh when paired with most any color and it can bring a fresh new look to almost any color imaginable.

Mini Matters - Replica tabletop Christmas trees can define the splendor of the season without harming the environment. Pairing a mini tree with glass vases quarter filled with ornaments and holiday spice fragrances is transformative. A four-to five-foot tall table top permanent botanical tree lit with LED lights in containers can be placed on coffee tables to brighten up even the smallest spaces.

Antique Pastels - Reawakening, insight, dreamy are a few descriptive words to describe the renaissance of pastels including soft, robin egg blue that are taking hold this holiday.

When designing your holiday theme, begin with the main focal point feature and start with the large decor piece first and then add smaller accent pieces around it to complement and enhance the space.

Focus on less travelled areas for the most visual impact. Some key focal features to consider in your holiday décor mix include:

  • Glass vases filled a 1/4 with ornaments
  • Package/gift boxes stacked (tower) 5ft tall
  • Cascading ornaments suspended from ceiling
  • Dogwood branches lit with LED "brown cord" lights adorned with clear round ornament balls filled with orchids/floral stems.
  • Live potted Norfolk Island Pines which can thrive afterwards for many more years indoors-great for sustainability.

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