Ambius offers the cutting edge in design with LivePicture® - bridging the gap between plants and art.

Watch nature and art converge through this revolutionary and sustainable living plant system that looks great hanging on almost any wall. Discover the advantages of LivePicture for your walls:


Innovative –
Transform your space with unique plant design of superior quality.


Simple –
This living work of art is easy to install and enjoy; no electricity or plumbing needed.


Space Efficient –
The size of a painting to fit the needs of your space.


Beautiful –
Modern design and superior build quality.

LivePicture is available in two sizes which have been affectionately named after two Dutch masters Rembrandt, RemPlant and Van Gogh, VanGrow.


44.3” x 28.5”
Two plant cassettes
Holds 18 4” plants
Dry weight: 33 pounds
Comes in three colors: Silver, White & Charcoal


28.5” x 28.5”
One plant cassette
Holds 9 4” plants
Dry weight: 26 pounds
Comes in three colors: Silver, White & Charcoal

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