Green Wall Plant Growth

Green wall plants will be grown in different ways depending on the system. Ambius will recommend specific plant species based on numerous factors, including whether the wall is installed on the interior or exterior of a property and the complexity of the design.  

For exterior green walls, plants are selected based on what climate zone the property is located. It is crucial to select plants that will survive in higher climate zones than the wall's location. Exterior green walls installed in the southern United States will have more plant species options than walls located in northern U.S. states.

To minimize the need for replacing plants, plants that thrive in many different environments are often selected for green walls because they can better adapt to their surroundings. 

The length of how long the plants are grown before installation varies greatly. For some larger green wall projects, the plants must be grown for months before being installed. 

For all panel systems, the plants are rooted into  non-eroding growth material which promotes strong root structure and ensures longevity for your living green wall. 

For tray systems, the plants are pre-grown offsite before they are installed in the green walls.

For most  freestanding systems, plants are installed on-site meaning there is no need for pre-growth. 

We routinely monitor plant growth and provide updates to the customer on a regular basis.

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Plant Growth

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