Ambius Holiday Design Process

Creating a stunning seasonal display is always a collaborative process between the customer and Ambius. From the outside to the indoors, you can count on Ambius for high quality decorations for all holidays. 

With decades of experience providing commercial decorating services, our design consultants help businesses shine every holiday season. Set up an appointment today to discuss how we can make your dream design a reality!

How Does it Work?

  1. Consultation - An Ambius design consultant will visit your property, survey the space and discuss your vision.
  2. Design Proposal - Following the initial consultation, your Ambius design consultant will then present a design and quote to you. Throughout the design process, our design consultants work with our customers to bring their ideal holiday design to life.  
  3. Installation - Once the design is agreed upon,you will book a install date for your business. We recommend booking your install date as early as possible in the calendar year as popular install dates can book up quickly. On the date of the install, our team of Christmas decorating professionals will quickly install the decorations while causing minimal disruption to your business.
  4. Decorations Removal - When the holiday season has passed, Ambius will return to your property to remove the decorations at a time convenient to your schedule.

What to Consider for your Holiday Design

The Basics

With our comprehensive holiday catalog, the possibilities are endless when it comes to transforming your interior into a winter wonderland. The basics provide the canvas for your magical holiday decorations. Decide upon whether you want to adorn your interior with holiday trees, garlands, wreaths, swags, table arrangements, and more.


What does your perfect holiday display look like? Once you’ve settled on the basics, illuminate your design by choosing a specific color scheme. 

Be it an attention-grabbing tree for a luxurious hotel or charming office Christmas decorations for a corporate headquarters, the theme will set the mood for your place of business. In addition to Christmas, we can decorate your space with professional Hanukkah décor and decorations for Kwanzaa.

Premium Scenting

The scents of the holidays evoke a festive mood. Don’t limit your design to just the visual. Scent is the closest sense linked to memory. Engage multiple senses by infusing holiday-themed scenting into your indoor space. Invigorate visitors with the authentic smell of white pine or the delightful scent of rich gingerbread.

Custom Designs

Take your holiday magic to a more distinctive place. Season after season, Ambius goes above and beyond to keep our customers smiling. Your holiday design can stretch as far as your imagination.

 Decorate your indoor space with heart-warming winter scenes full of holiday animals and characters or inspire the festive spirit with fresh holiday poinsettia displays. We also have vast experience installing commercial Christmas lights and creating other exterior designs for businesses.

Call us at 1-800-581-9946, or contact us online to discuss your decorations or holiday lights needs.

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Holiday Magic

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Ultimate Guide

Ultimate Holiday Guide

Use our Ultimate Guide to Holiday Décor to deck your halls the right way!

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