Artificial plants

If your business space is not a suitable environment for keeping living plants alive and well, then consider the beauty of artificial plants (also referred to as silk plants). Ambius has a huge selection of artificial plants that look just like the real thing and that will add beauty to your space without the need for watering, soil and replacements.

As the experts in interior landscaping, we know they are plenty of situations where having live indoor plants may not be the best solution. If your space doesn't have the right lighting conditions to foster growth and nurture the benefits of live plants, we recommend considering artificial plants for your space.

We will do a light reading of your space. Not sure if your office can support live plants? We can help.

Your local experts at Ambius can help make sure that your artificial plants look great all the time. We dust and clean the plants on a regular basis to make sure that they look like living plants. Regardless if your plants are live or artificial, Ambius will make sure the plants in your space are bright, vibrant and gorgeous.

Call us today and speak to one of our Design Consultants by calling (888) 368-8060 or contact us online. We'll help you find the right artificial plant option for your business.


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