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Hotel lobbies and entrances

Beautiful interior plants, combined with the right décor and lighting, are the hallmarks of an inviting hotel entrance. They can create a tranquil atmosphere, reduce stress and help to provide private areas where you can escape the noise and have a quiet conversation.

Contact Ambius today at 1-800-581-9946, or contact us online and let us show you what interior plants can do for your hotel lobby or entrance. If you have multiple hotel locations but would benefit from the personal attention of a single point of contact, find out more about opening a National Account.

Image showing Ambius Interior Landscaping in Hotel Lobbies

Atriums and courtyards

Large atriums are found in many modern hotels – they provide flexible space for restaurants, conferences and social areas, as well helping to control the indoor environment. There is no doubt that they can be visually impressive but the fact is, large hotel atriums can also seem cold and overwhelming.

In these cases, Ambius can help you create an atrium or courtyard that’s intimate, warm and inviting. Interior plants are ideal to break up the space, create privacy and mediate the indoor environment. Contact your local branch to discover how Ambius can transform your hotel interior.

Image of Ambius Interior Landscaping at Radisson SAS Hotel, Amsterdam

Hotel dining rooms

The character of a hotel restaurant is defined as much by its ambience as the skills of the chef and the service of the waiters. The right combination of interior plants can bring charm, character and atmosphere to bland hotel dining rooms. Not only that, interior plants can be used to absorb unwanted noise, or separate a particular area for a special function.

For more on how Ambius can bring warmth and refinement to your hotel restaurant, contact us.

Image of Ambius Interior Landscaping in Hotel dining room

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