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Like it or not, the office is where we spend most of our waking lives. So doesn’t it make sense that we should make these places as comfortable, as pleasant, and even as inspiring as we can?

Demonstrate your commitment to improving your employee’s quality of life. Let Ambius create interiors that add warmth and beauty to dull, lifeless spaces. Choose plants and flowers that lift moods and inspire great ideas. And even reduce stress and humidity with the right greenery.

Why choose Ambius?

Ambius’ large scale interior landscape expertise is unmatched and we’ve won many prestigious awards. Our project managers work closely with your architects and developers and take care of everything. From indoor plant design and plant selection to installation and on-going maintenance.

Office entrances and reception areas

Welcome your guests

First impressions count. And what better way to make a lasting impression on visitors to your office than by letting Ambius create a plant design with impact and appeal?
We have a range of plant rental and maintenance options to suit the needs of any type of business. 

Contact us and ask for one of our design consultants to visit and carry out a free survey.

Image showing Ambius Interior landscaping in office reception areas

Open plan offices

More ideas, less noise

Studies have shown that employees who are happy with their working environment are happy with their job, too. Many of us work in open plan areas. And while they can sometimes aid communication, they can often be distracting and cold, too.

Ambius can help you choose office plants that help break up open space, reduce noise levels and lead to happier, healthier and more productive people.

Image showing Ambius Interior landscaping in open plan offices

Corporate headquarters

Big ideas for big spaces

Many large corporate office buildings feature atriums. Which can seem cold and overwhelming. But here’s a secret: these larges spaces provide ideal locations for plants, because they are usually airy and well lit.

So let your imagination soar. Ambius is an expert in large scale landscape design. We can help create inspirational designs that bring intimacy, warmth and elegance on a human scale. And lush, green displays that impress visitors and employees alike.

That’s not all. Planting in large spaces has another benefit. It can help you manage your internal environment, through shading and cooling, via evapotranspiration.

Image showing Ambius Interior landscaping in an Atriums


Law offices

Image, brand consistency and status are essential aspects of every law office. Plants play an important role in creating distinctive law office decor.

Our designs can mean the difference between ‘stuffy’ and ‘inviting’, ‘intimidating’ and ‘impressive’, and between ‘imperious’ and ‘classy’.

Whatever you want to achieve, Ambius can help. We are a plant care and service business offering a range of interior plants, plant rental and maintenance options to suit the needs of your professional law office. And remember, plants aren’t just good for your image, their good for your internal environment as well. To learn how office plants benefit the workplace, read our industry research.

Does your law firm feature an atrium? Find out more about our big ideas for big spaces. And for more information about plants and services for your law practice, contact us and ask for one of our design consultants to visit and carry out a free survey.

Image showing Ambius Interior landscaping in a professional office

Interior Plants Catalog

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Beautifully maintained plants for rental

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Scent Marketing

Infuse your brand with the power of scent.


Let Ambius sprinkle Holiday magic over your business.


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