Retail plants gallery: Creating a consumer habitat

Whether we're talking large shopping centers or individual shops and showrooms, the indoor retail environment can really benefit from imaginative planting. It makes everyone feel more comfortable and it helps to create a relaxing atmosphere where your customers feel ready to shop.

We provide retail plant services to North American stores of all types and sizes. Ambius can show you how indoor plants can be used to help you to differentiate areas of your retail space. Use indoor plants to highlight points of interest, such as food courts, or use them as living sign posts to places such as garages and escalators.

Indoor plants can also help improve the performance of a retail environment. Research has shown that people spend more time in shopping centers with indoor plants compared with those that don’t have them. Indoor plants can reduce noise, improve the interior environment and enhance your image.

Call us at 1-800-581-9946, or contact us online and ask for an Ambius expert to show you how the performance and image of your retail environment can be enhanced with indoor plants and accessories.

Image representing Ambius Interior Landscaping at Friar's Square, Aylesbury

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