Interior Landscaping

Interior landscaping means more than just plants. Ambius designers and landscapers create entire interior environments that enhance spaces. This helps to make customers and employees fell better about their inside spaces and themselves.

Landscaping your interior office or building space can really brighten things up. Dark spaces can be lightened, color can be added to walls, and ambient scenting can even be used to improve the customer experience.

Design Visualization

Photo Imaging is an exciting way for customers to visualize plant designs in their environment. As a complimentary service, our sales and design consultants digitally photograph specific areas at a client’s location, and send them to our in-house photo imaging department. Within a few days our skilled designers can then add or replace commercial or office plants to visually represent the final plant design. 

Call us at 1-800-581-9946, or contact us online, to arrange a visit from one of our design consultants.

Inspiring Artwork

Inspiring Artwork

Affordable artwork for your business

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