Longwood Gardens East Conservatory complex

Customer Need

This prestigious display garden sought to move and install 75 exotic and highly valuable large palms, cycads, ferns and trees into the newly restored conservatory.

The Solution

Longwood Gardens presented an epic horticultural challenge to Ambius. It was essential that each specimen be delivered unharmed. The project involved rigging, moving and planting individual specimens that ranged between 10 and 40 feet, weighing up to 9,000 pounds. To move a tree from the storage yard or a green house to its final position often required an extensive range of three or four heavy machines under the direction of knowledgeable horticulture experts.

Image showing Ambius at their Longwood Gardens large scale landscaping installation

The Results

The sophisticated gear combined with Ambius’ talented and experienced crew of horticulture professionals allowed this prestigious and delicate job to be completed under budget with no damage and in only 10 days. The spirit and beauty of the early twentieth-century gardens was preserved for its future guests.

The positioning of each specimen tree at the Longwood Gardens East Conservatory presented its own unique challenges during the installation. From the delivery point to the final placement, great care was taken to ensure each tree had a successful transplant to its new home in the East Conservatory.

All of the challenges of Longwood Gardens were met with precision and diligence. We take pride in our installations. Ambius is dedicated to fulfilling the rigid requirements of our clients and meet the horticultural needs of each specimen to ensure that generations of visitors enjoy benefits of this newly renovated conservatory.

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Image of Interior plants from Ambius

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