Vancouver International Airport

Customer Need

The Vancouver International Airport hired Ambius to renovate the domestic terminal and its A-B connector.

The Solution

Ambius Designer, JOanne Craft, led the design project and worked closely with Vancouver International Airport in-house architect, Nancy Stern. Stern noted that, "All of the architecture at the Vancouver International Airport looks to celebrate the natural beauty and cultural heritage of British Columbia, with each area of the airport reflecting a specific geographic region."

Image showing Ambius at their Vancouver International Airport large scale landscaping installation

The Results

The design theme for the Vancouver International Airport is the Interior of the B.C., the Okanagan and Fraser River Canyon. Ambius installations represent indigenous plants found along the Fraser River. Designs within the A-B Connector include architectural feature's from B.C.'s vineyards and orchards, fishing lodges and the Fraser River, with its rocky mountain sides, waterfalls, streams and vegetation outcroppings. 

Ambius utilize the airport's natural light, with tall windows reaching from floor to ceiling, coupled with high ceilings to create the feel of nature indoors. Natural style and clustered plantings can be found throughout the space. Craft suggested using tall Ficus microcarpa nitida specimen trees with other ground plantings. Smaller plants help create the effect of a canopy of foliage in the new foyer. Ambius also incorporated a living green wall as part of the project. 

Image of Ambius large scale interior landscaping at Vancouver International Airport

Ambius is proud of the longstanding relationship with the Vancouver International Airport. In 2016, the Vancouver International Airport won Airport of the Year. 

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Image of Interior plants from Ambius

Plants do much more than just look great. What are the other benefits?

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