Exterior Landscaping

Never underestimate the power of a first impression. Greet visitors to your workplace or office building with natural beauty by investing in exterior landscaping. Be it a simple hanging basket to a major landscape renovation or larger outdoor landscaping project, Ambius has the commercial exterior design and grounds maintenance capabilities to get the job done.

Hanging Baskets

Commercial Exterior Landscaping Services
There’s no better way to introduce your business to visitors than by adorning your entrance with lush foliage. Ambius North America works with all kinds of businesses to beautify their entryways with designs as unique as the companies themselves. Our landscape architects will work with you to create a welcoming design that delights and inspires customers and colleagues alike.

Building Entrances

Hanging baskets are ideal for injecting color into building exteriors while providing passersby with the inherent benefits of nature. An increasingly popular exterior design trend, hanging baskets can be customized for any season. In addition to the exterior design and installation, Ambius will maintain the baskets throughout the year so that the flowers are always in bloom.

Exterior Courtyards

Professional Landscape Architect Design
Courtyards are meant to be sanctuaries where building inhabitants can relax and recharge. If you are interested in adding some greenery to a courtyard, our landscape architecture specialists can help turn your vision into a reality. From the tiniest shrub to hulking trees, plants are an essential element to every courtyard.

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