Large Scale Landscape Design

When bigger is better

Rest assured that your big projects are safe in our hands.

Most of the people you’ll meet in Ambius Project Development have years, even decades, of design and installation experience with projects just like yours.

Our reputation rests equally on our creative design approach, as well as our technical expertise and attention to detail.

We turn your vision into reality.

Our goal is to build long term relationships with our clients that lead not only to a projects’ successful completion, but to a beginning of new possibilities.

We provide a complete landscape package including design concept, feasibility, blueprints, specifications, budgets, procurement, as well as installation.

Our involvement doesn’t stop when our installers leave the building. That’s why our horticultural experts will return again and again to water, clean, dust, prune, and feed – keeping your plants healthy and growing.

The Ambius Project Development team is dedicated professionals who are passionate about the integrity and quality of their work.

When you have planning questions about lighting and environmental factors, soils and drainage, plant availability, installation or maintenance techniques, call us at 1-800-581-9946. or contact us online.

Image showing one of Ambius's large interior landscaping projects

Interior Plants Catalog

Office plant with red and green leaves

Beautifully maintained plants for rental

Benefits of Plants

Image of Interior plants from Ambius

Plants do much more than just look great. What are the other benefits?

Branches and Locations

Botanic Art

Be inspired by our online art catalog.

Scent Marketing

Infuse your brand with the power of scent.


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