Businesses Go Greener To Protect The Planet


San Diego, California (NAPSI) - Growing a greener business can offer many benefits—saving money, engaging employees and helping to attract new customers.

Here are a few environmentally friendly tips to help:

  • Power down. Turn computers and other electrical equipment off at night and on the weekends.
  • Monitor your thermostat. Reduce cooling bills by raising the temperature 1 degree and heating bills by lowering it a degree.
  • Recycle. Use recycled paper whenever possible.
  • Motivate employees to use less fossil fuel. Encourage your staff to take public transportation, to walk or cycle to work.
  • Limit travel. Reduce work-related travel by teleconferencing.
  • Refill rather than restock. Refill printer cartridges rather than buying new ones.
  • Use green contractors. If you use an interior landscaping company at work, be sure the company has been certified as Planet Positive.

For example, Ambius, a leading provider of interior landscaping solutions, recently became a certified business in recognition of the company’s commitment to reducing the environmental impact of its operation. This gained an international environmental mark that recognizes a company’s commitment to creating a better way of living.

The Planet Positive status certifies that Ambius has measured and actively reduced its carbon footprint and developed a long-term strategy to become a sustainably green company. In fact, it succeeded in reducing its carbon footprint by approximately 10 percent.

To achieve the certification, it followed a four-step process, including the measurement of the company’s carbon footprint and a commitment to reducing emissions on an annual basis. In addition, a report explaining the carbon footprint and outlining actions, targets and reductions has been made available in the public domain. The company has also made a contribution to the Cool Earth climate project that protects vulnerable rain forests from destruction.

This certification signifies a high standard of environmental achievement that aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and take a more positive attitude toward climate change.

As part of Ambius’ ongoing strategy, it plans to reduce its vehicle fleet fuel consumption and building energy usage up to 10 percent this year. This is being done through innovative programs to change behavior, designed by Planet Positive.

Ambius businesses across North America and Europe are now Planet Positive−certified businesses.


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