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Three Unusual Ways to Use Plants Inside


We're all familiar with the office pot plant. Usually a sad, lonely figure, holding off an irresistible tide of grey and beige with only a few bedraggled leaves keeping it clinging desperately to life.

Vertical Gardens


Green walls are becoming increasingly popular in interior and exterior landscapes.

Plantings as a Living Art


Permanent botanicals with live plants drive interior plantscaping trend.

Breathe easy


Encourage interiorscape customers to create healthier environments with plants

The smell of success


Recently, I visited a beautiful Asian-influenced boutique hotel that was artfully appointed with modern furnishings and tasteful décor.

Color Has Potency in the Workplace


Companies spend small fortunes to make their workplaces not only safe, but also warm, attractive and comfortable.

Talk on indoor gardening next week


Gardeners won’t have to hang up their tools even with winter on its way. Benedictine University is hosting a free talk on getting indoor plants to grow Oct. 28.

The 'starchitects' come out for Navy Pier rehab


There are a lot of big names among the list of 52 design teams that have submitted their qualifications for the re-do of Navy Pier's public spaces.

Ambius takes home 11 awards


The honors were handed out at the PIA Interior Plantscape Hall of Fame and Awards Banquet.

Riverside Medical Center Unveils Green Roof


BUFFALO GROVE, Ill. -- Riverside Medical Center in Kankakee, Ill. recently unveiled the installation of a large eco-friendly vegetative living green roof system in celebration of the hospital's commitment to environmental stewardship and the launch of the hospital's East Tower.

Christmas Products: Decorations


BigHospitality takes a look at some of the Christmas decorations, including contamporary decorations from Ambius and an early bird deal on Christmas trees from

It's Christmas at Ambius


Of course the count down to Christmas has started. In fact after today there are just 99 days to go!

Creating Healthier Environments with Plants


Recently I met with an architect who designs healthcare facilities. He relayed how he absolutely detests the use of live plants in the properties he designs. “I don’t like that I can’t control the life cycle of the plant and how it continually changes its look,” he said with obvious disdain.

Ambius Honored with Eleven Awards at Plantscape Industry Expo Awards


Ambius was honored to receive eleven awards, including the prestigious Judges award for best in show, recognizing the company’s commitment to excellence, innovation, and professionalism in the interior plantscaping industry.

How Color Affects Multifamily Leasing Success


Apartment leasing agents and property managers looking to attract and retain prospects and tenants should evaluate the power of color in bringing warmth and energy into a space.

Greenstone Carbon wins contract with Ambius


An international company specialising in “interior landscaping”, Ambius, has chosen Greenstone Carbon to provide it with a carbon emissions reporting tool.

Embassy Suites Downtown Lakefront


The Chicago people, places and products that are taking earth-friendly living into the future. Focus on the vertical garden by Ambius at Embassy Suites Downtown Lakefront.

Riverside Medical Center Gets a Gorgeous New Green Roofed Addition


Designed by interior landscaping company Ambius, the green roof crowns the new East Tower addition at Riverside Medical Center in Kankakee, Illinois.

Superior Care to a Planned Community


For Frank Speidel, M.D.,FACEP, CEO of St. Luke's Hospital at The Vintage (SLHV), entering his hospital's new facility is "like walking through Bach's Brandenburg concertos, or his Goldberg Variations."

Grown Green


Plants can register "green" at your retail register.

Seventies Swagger Drives Retail Plant Trend


The 1970s was a "groovy" bohemian and electric decade featuring sexy and diverse fashions including wide-collared shirts and tight bell-bottom jeans.

Digging the future of vertical gardens


More and more businesses today are looking to green walls as a way to add natural beauty while dramatically improving energy efficiency by moderating indoor air temperatures and humidity levels.

Vertical Garden Debuts at Chicago Embassy Suites


Five years ago, vertical gardens started popping up in Asian buildings. It wasn’t long before they took root in the U.S. The Embassy Suites Chicago Downtown Lakefront is likely the first hotel in the country to grow such a dramatic example of the indoor landscaping tool. The wall went ‘live’ in late spring.

Lovely Living Walls


Des Moines may be the largest city in Iowa, but in the grand scheme of things, it’s pretty small. That’s one of the things about traveling to larger cities exciting: You get to see more trendy new things.

Plants Register Green at Retail Registers


When you walk into an urban or pedestrian mall or retailer, do you notice the plants? What impression do you take away from the establishment if the exterior plants appear poorly maintained or if they are housed in containers overrun with trash?

Mixing it up


The naturalistic trend of mixing permanent botanicals alongside live plants is becoming increasingly popular in workplace settings.

Embassy Suites features new eco-friendly green wall


Embassy Suites Chicago Downtown Lakefront has unveiled the city's largest indoor living green wall.

Ambius Reveals the top plants for offices


Ambius Reveals the top plants for offices

Stunning display


The giant green wall at Longwood Gardens inspires garden retailers and consumers.

Plantings as Living Art: Permanent Botanicals with Live Plants


I believe that every inspired plant artisan digs their shovel into their own soul, and sprays their own nature into their work. As a botanical stylist, I work in partnership with leading design and architectural firms, designing retail, hospitality and corporate interiors for many leading businesses including KV Pharmaceutical, Hyatt Riverfront Hotel and the Sheraton St. Louis City Center.

Lifetime award for Lockyer


Nina Lockyer of Flora-Tec has been presented with eFIG's lifetime achievement award at its annual awards in London.

eFIG honours industry excellence


Nina Lockyer of Flora-Tec Ltd was honoured with European Federation of Interior Landscape Group’s Lifetime Achievement Award at its annual awards ceremony held at The Apex Room, Olympia, London on 4 May.

Retailers bring spring in with aroma of freshly cut grass


The aroma of freshly cut grass always ranks high in polls of favourite smells. Now retailers recognising the power of smell in the retail experience, can convey the optimism that comes with Spring and Summer, with the launch of Green Grass, a new fragrance from environment scenting specialist Ambius. Green Grass captures perfectly the smell of freshly mown grass, minus the risk of hayfever!

The Top Four Succulent Genera


The Top Four Succulent Genera Succulents are making a comeback thanks to design retailers like Crate and Barrel. Read about the top four genera.

Ambius Connect Cuts Paper And Supports Sustainability


Ambius, the world's largest interior landscaping company has set a target to convert all 3,500 of its customers in the UK to its paperless reporting system, Ambius Connect, by the end of 2011.

Businesses Go Greener To Protect The Planet


Growing a greener business can offer many benefits—saving money, engaging employees and helping to attract new customers.

Central Park on the Allure of the Seas


Paul Lasley talks with Eva Matos from Ambius about the design and creation of Central Park on the Allure of the Seas.

Design drought - Water features fall out of favor over germ concern


Like dogs and cats or the Hatfields and McCoys, you're likely to start a skirmish these days if you put infection-prevention specialists and hospital designers in the same room.

Surviving The Cold and Flu Season


As the season of colds and viruses sends staff absence levels rocketing, workplace enrichment and interior landscaping company Ambius has produced its tips for keeping the workplace healthy and productive through the winter months.


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