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Consumers Demand a More Fragrant Brand Experience


Ambius revealed new research which reinforces the importance of scenting and the multi-sensory experience to consumers today.

STORES Magazine features Ambius Business Impact of Scenting Report results


Ambius featured showing Business Impact of Scenting Report in STORES magazine. Our research shows that using scenting and stimulating all five senses can provide a complete customer experience and enhance your business.

Living Magazine features Ambius living green walls


Living Magazine features Ambius and the living green walls that can add a real "wow factor" for your business and discusses how adding a green wall can really make your business stand out from the competition.

Landscape Management published the news of Ambius’ record breaking success at the International Plantscape Awards


Ambius breaks records at this year's International Plantscape Awards. This year's IPAs provided Ambius with more awards than ever before. Read about our designers and the work that helped us get where we are.

Ambius featured in McKnight’s Long-Term Living on scenting and odor remediation in LTC facilities


Ambius is at the forefront of intelligent scenting strategies and featured in McKnight's Long Term. How can the right intelligent scenting strategy help your business thrive and what are the benefits of scenting?

Ambius Receives 17 Awards At International Plantscape Awards


Ambius won 17 awards at the International Plantscape Awards, winning over 30 percent of awards presented.

Ambius named the 14th largest landscape companies in North America


Ambius ranked 14th on the prestigious 2016 Lawn & Landscape Top 100 list. To be included on the Top 100 list is an honor as only a small percentage of landscapers make the list and Ambius is the only company on the list to have the majority of it's revenue coming from the interior landscaping profit center. features Ambius on Giving Plants their Due on Earth Day and Every Day


Examiner highlights Ambius and how plants could help your own environment during Earth Day and beyond. Ambius is the experts in interior landscaping and can help businesses get the maximum benefit out of plants in their environment.

Buildings Magazine on The Science Behind the Power of Scent


Buildings Magazine features advice from Ambius in regards to how scenting can help improve the impression given by your facility.

Retail Environments Highlights Ambius Premium Scenting


Retail Environments magazine focus on technology innovations highlights Ambius Premium Scenting​ ​as a way to help retailers operate more efficiently.


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