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Growing into the houseplant habit


Why are so many folk, outdoor gardeners among them, reluctant to garden inside?

Let employees have a voice in decorating the office


Giving employees the opportunity to take part in designing their office surroundings could lead to an improvement in work productivity and morale.

Indoor cheer, year-round


Green up rooms with easy-care houseplants.

Health, happiness and higher quality of life


A UK study shows that empowering nursing home residents to choose their own décor has hugely beneficial effects - by Jeff Mariola, President of Ambius.

Give a gift of garden ideas


Wouldn't you like to have some fresh ideas, month after month, for projects and plants to try in your garden or landscape?

Ambius Elves Hit Rush Hour to Promote Budget-Friendly Holiday Packages


The interior landscaping and decorating company Ambius gave guerrilla tactics a shot this holiday season to drum up business for its holiday decorating.

Being green is Smart


Jeff Mariola, President of Ambius, is driving Ambius’ green agenda in an eco-friendly way. Jeff traded in his Jaguar with a V8 engine for a Smart Car, the ultimate ultra-low emissions vehicle.

Swine Flu Pandemic Response


In response to the recent Swine Flu outbreak, Ambius is taking appropriate steps to ensure the health and wellness of both our colleagues and customers. 


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