Holiday season ambient scenting

Holiday decor transforms your interior business into a magical place. Create an atmosphere that truly enhances the ambience of your space into a winter wonderland through the sense of smell.

Ambius Premium Scenting scenting offers you the ability to add a new dimension to your decor during the holiday season. Unlike candles, wicks, and aerosols, Ambius Premium Scenting has a patented process that discreetly scents your entire space with a consistent and programmable application. From the area, one floor to an entire building.

Choose one of our three new signature holiday scents that will be a pleasing accent to your holiday decor. Take your guests on a journey through the snow covered pines. Bring them to a place that is filled with sweet sensations or a peaceful moment of reflection of years gone by.

Image of Holiday scents from Ambius

Holiday Magic

Image of office Holiday decorations from Ambius

Let Ambius sprinkle some Holiday magic over your business

National Accounts

Image showing of Artwork and Office Plants from Ambius

Indoor plant services for multiple location businesses

Branches and Locations

Botanic Art

Be inspired by our online art catalog.

Scent Marketing

Infuse your brand with the power of scent.


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