Essential Oils and Scenting

Ambius Premium Scenting experts can scent your business with the right essential oils to create a more enjoyable environment for employees, clients and customers. Essential oils can not only make your building smell better but remove foul odors that might be present for any number of reasons.

What are Essential Oils?

Essential oils are scents distilled from the source. For example, essential oils distilled from fruits or plants will have the signature and noticeable scent of that particular fruit or plant. What this means is that natural methods are used to distill this scent rather than through chemical methods. Thus, the scent is more natural than those obtained through artificial processes.

The olfactory senses of humans react to natural scents more effectively than they do chemicals. This is why a chemical spray often does not eliminate foul odors, just masks them leaving a strange chemical stew in the air that doesn't really improve things. Essential oils have a more positive and natural effect on the human brain and the nose.

What Scents are Essential Oils?

Ambius Premium Scenting offers two scenting packages that use essential oils.

  • Aromatherapy Collection - uses essential oils for a variety of effects such as helping with relaxations, balance, energizing and arousal. This collection uses essential oils such as chamomile, tea tree oil, lemon, peppermint, rose and sandalwood. These scents, used in your place of business, can help trigger the right moods, feelings and memories for clients and customers.
  • Naturescape - get the essence of nature into your building with this collection. Ocean breeze, fresh water, sawgrass, open window, optimism, and more are all recalled with this collection of scents. The oils used here include beach grass, freesia, lemon grass, rose, sandalwood, fresh cut grass, sage, bamboo and more. Help employees stay away, stay energized and enjoy their time at work with this collection.


Ambius Premium Scenting Experts

At Ambius, we are the Premium Scenting experts. We use essential oils and other scents combined with our dispersal machines to create a vapor that permeates a room. The use of micro-droplets instead of a mist means that there is no sticky, smelly, residue. Our scents more effectively mix with the air and neutralize odors.

Are you looking for odor removal services? Are you looking to create a more positive client or customer experience? Are you looking to explore the connection between scent and memory?

Contact your Ambius professional now at (888) 381-6865 or use our online form to learn more about how we can use essential oils for your business.  

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