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Shopping in-store should be about much more than merely buying a product – it should offer a multisensory experience and holistic perspective of the brand

Retail professionals are increasingly aware that multisensory marketing and multisensory experience design is on the rise. While many retailers think very carefully about what their commercial spaces look and sound like, many fail to consider scent, yet smell, or ‘olfaction’ is key to the emotions and memory of consumers.


A growing body of scientific research now shows the power of scent and fragrance when it comes to improving our mood and enhancing our sense of well-being in stores. In fact, our research has shown that 73% of people say smell triggers an instant memory or feeling ranking higher than any other sense about a store. An increasing number of retail brands are now searching to try and create as many sensory touch points with their customers as possible, and scent is an essential part of that mix.


Effective use of scent or ‘air aroma’ in retail spaces is probably the single most cost-effective intervention that can be delivered when it comes to enhancing the multisensory brand offering. Whether you’re looking at simple odor remediation, air scenting, or a customized brand scenting solution, the use of scenting as an experiential marketing tool can maximize your brand impact.


Retailers need to engage with and appeal to the senses of consumers in order to make sure that people keep coming into their stores and don’t simply do their purchasing online. To feel true brand affiliation, people need a meaningful emotional connection. 75% of our emotions are generated by what we smell, which makes scent branding the logical next step for retailers to take to boost customer enjoyment, engagement, and ultimately, loyalty.

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PremiumScenting from Ambius can help retailers with:

  • Creating commercial appeal to consumers through scent marketing
  • Understanding commercial scent air machines/fragrance diffusers and scent diffusion
  • Creating luxurious bespoke brand scents and choosing a scent from our fragrance collection
  • Identifying the right scent marketing strategy for your stores

* Prof dr Anla Stohr

How scent marketing can help retailers



by enticing customers into your store. Our research shows 74% of consumers are drawn to a store because of the smell



potentially by enhancing wellbeing and comfort levels, encouraging more time spent in store and a better likelihood of making a purchase. Scent marketing can lengthen a stay in shop by 54%*



by creating a pleasantly scented atmosphere, customers are more likely to associate positivity with your brand. 42% of people claim 'ambience' or 'pleasant atmosphere' is what they like most about a store



by driving brand affiliation and increasing brand loyalty. Signature brand scents are easily recalled, strengthening emotional connections

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