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Businesses today strive to reach company goals through creating strategic brand recognition. Brand recognition helps to increase sales, increase traffic, gets customers to stay longer, and creates brand loyalty.

Many brands fail to make use of their customers’ sense of smell. So harnessing the power of scents is a fantastic opportunity for you to differentiate your brand from your competitors. Not only are human memories closely tied to smell, this keen sense also acts as a trigger for around three quarters of all emotions!

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Sensory cues repeated over and over again breed brand recognition. Scent marketing allows your business to create a new dimension of your brand by reaching the emotional triggers of your targeted audience.

Scent marketing, also known as aroma marketing, is a powerful yet subtle way for your company to gain your customers loyalty, whether they are in a retail location, hospitality, healthcare, office, financial institution, or any enclosed environment. Of all the five senses, smell is often cited as the one that triggers emotions and memories most powerfully.

When the sense of smell is added to an environment, studies show that a person will recall that location or moment due to their ability to remember the smell.

Top brands today are choosing aroma marketing to reach their target audience. By combining traditional marketing strategies and elements of scent branding, companies can create a strong sensory branding program. So let Premium Scenting help you create an irresistible brand experience for your colleagues and customers.

Use scents that create a memorable atmosphere, increase productivity and reduce stress. Contact Premium Scenting today to set up a free consultation and demonstration. Call us at 1-800-581-9946, or contact us online.

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