Odor Removal Service

What can odor remediation achieve?

Bad smells are bad business. A noticeable foul smell in your commercial space can negatively impact the customer experience and damage your brand. Ambius Premium Scenting's odor removal service has helped many customers eliminate unpleasant odors. 

Premium Scenting offers customers the newest approach to odor. Ambius Premium Scenting doesn’t just mask odors…it neutralizes them by combining the very latest in odor remediation technology with a newly-patented diffusion system.

Many of the scents included in the Ambius scent catalog contain properties that can be used to mask malodors. Ambius Design Consultants will work customers to choose a scent that both effectively removes the odor and fits with the customer's branding.

Premium Scenting’s technology is uniquely well-suited and our odor remediation solution is becoming a standard in several industry sectors.

Benefits of Odor Removal Service

  • Creates a pleasant scent to mask malodor without saturating  space with heavy concentrations of scent
  • Uses a targeted neutralizer, conducting a careful aero-engineering analysis of the space and utilizing a computer-controlled appliance that converts the air treatment agent into the nano-droplets without the use of harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

The Ambius Premium Scenting approach to odor removal involves the: 

  • Identification of the malodor
  • Formulation of the neutralizer
  • Delivery of the neutralizers into the space to be treated 
  • Concentration control of the neutralizer in the air

The nano-droplet generation technology in the Premium Scenting service represents a genuine technology breakthrough. In air treatment applications, these droplets serve as highly efficient transport vehicles for pure fragrances, odor neutralizers and other air treatment agents to blend with the ambient air in interior spaces.

According to the EPA, indoor air can be five times worse than outdoor air. From cigarette smoke to garbage, there is a great diversity of odors that can be problematic in properties.

Premium Scenting is committed to air treatment practices that improve indoor air quality by adding pleasant scents or removing problem odors with a process which has no negative impact on occupant health.

To learn more or set up a free no obligation consultation, please contact us at 1-800-581-9946 or contact us online.

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