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Anaheim indoor plant services

Every interior space, from hotels, retail stores, banks, office buildings to hospitals need plants. Plants enhance a space by helping flood it with fresh, clean, oxygen.  The presence of indoor plants in an office calms people, relaxes them, and taps into their innate desire to be closer to nature. The Ambius Anaheim team members are interior landscaping experts who can help you find the right mix of plants for, your space. It is our mission at Ambius to make your space one that employees and clients alike enjoy.

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Ambius Anaheim office plants and green walls

If your workspace design doesn’t include office plants, you are missing out on the benefits of plants. The benefits of plants range from reduced absenteeism to increased productivity. Our design consultants will work with you to create a design that will make your space the talk of the town. Our interior landscaping designers are highly knowledgeable about the plant species that best thrive indoors. We will determine the types of plants that you need. We offer a full range of office plant services, including Green Walls and exterior landscaping services. Our design and customer service specialists will make sure that the property you have is one people will want spend time in all year long.

Just the right holiday decor

Planning for the right holiday decorations in your space takes planning. At Ambius Anaheim, that holiday decor planning takes place all year long. Starting in January we can work with you to help you create the next great holiday display around your retail space, business, bank, hotel or building. We have garland, trees, poinsettias and holiday plants that we will professionally install, on time and reliably, and take down when the holidays are over. The right holiday decor creates a sense of well-being among those using the building, so don't underestimate the positive effect the right holiday decorations can have.

Local expertise in Anaheim, CA

Call the experts in interior landscaping here at Ambius Anaheim. We will get you talking to one of our designers who will work with you to find the right green solutions for your business. The first step is to call us or use our online form to set up that initial consultation today.

Plant rental in Anaheim, CA

If you live in Anaheim and your office could use some sprucing up or some brightening from plants, consider the Ambius plant rental service. All of the benefits of plants and a wide variety of choices from our extensive catalog is right there without having to worry about the plant maintenance.

If you could use some living floral or greenery to brighten up lobbies, meeting areas, work spaces or other areas around your business, we have a designer who can help and you can rent plants without all of the hassle.