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Aurora, CO, office plant services

Rely on Ambius if you have a space in Aurora, CO, that is in need of office plants, replica plants or holiday services. Many studies have shown retail and work spaces that have access to plant life benefit from all manner of benefits, from cleaner air to increased productivity. People have a special built-in desire to see live, green spaces. Your local Ambius design consultants will work with you to find just the right plants for you and your property.

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Aurora interior landscaping professionals

Interior landscaping means more to us than just placing a few plants in a space. Our team has the design experience to find just the right solution for you. It is crucial to select plants for your space that will thrive. An Ambius consultant will take a light survey of your space to determine what plant species will work best for the property. If you have limited space, Ambius offers numerous different Green Wall systems, including, LivePanel or LivePicture,  that enable companies to unlock the power of plants without taking up a lot of space. Our design experts can also make sure your space smells right with premium scenting or help you find the right artwork for the walls.

Ambius Aurora has multiple specialists to serve our commercial clients.  Our specialists work as a team and have been doing so for a long time.  We are passionate about what we do and will deliver that passion to you and your business to create something that will "wow" you, your clients and your employees.

Holiday decorating service

The experts at Ambius will help you plan just the right holiday decorations for your office or retail space. Enjoy your holiday season knowing we will take care of designing, installing and taking down your holiday decorations. We encourage you to call us early in the year, so we can get started in creating just the perfect look that will get people talking and enjoying the space come holiday time. By contacting us early on in the year you can also guarantee that your decorations are installed right after Thanksgiving in a timely manner.

Local expertise in Aurora, CO

At Ambius Aurora, CO, we pride ourselves in being the best plant care specialists in the industry with a high level of tenure and training. We are customer solution orientated and offer a complete array of solutions for commercial customers, with specialties within hospitality, healthcare, and technology sectors.

The Ambius team in Aurora, CO, is ready to help you with your interior design needs. From interior landscaping to living green walls, to premium scenting to holiday décor, we will partner with you to make sure that your space is just the way you want it and looks great. Call us or fill in our online form to schedule an appointment.

Plant rental in Aurora, CO

For businesses across Aurora, there is a way to get beautiful indoor plants without having to go to the expense of buying the plants yourself and taking care of them yourself. It has been proven time and again that there are numerous benefits of indoor plants, including helping productivity and creativity, reducing noise and cleaning the air.

Ambius plant rental services are available for businesses like yours. This is an affordable and reliable way to brighten your offices without having to worry about plant maintenance. Contact your local Aurora Ambius office today and discuss our plant rental services.