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Floor plants

By incorporating floor plants into the design of your interior you will create a more positive living environment. Freshen up drab reception areas or greet guests with carefully selected plants that reflect the vision of your brand. Whether you’re looking for floor plants for an office, hospitality, or retail space, we will provide you with greenery that stimulates the senses and enhances the visitor experience.

Indoor floor plants will add a relaxing, natural element to your place of business. Studies conducted (both in the United States and Europe) have shown that occupants find solace in well-maintained interior landscaping. In Feng Shui, plants are often used as buffers against sources of negative energy such as sharp corners.

From lush Philodendrons to stately cacti, indoor floor plants range greatly in appearance, color, and size. Our floor plant catalog is divided into three separate categories: High Light, Medium Light, and Low Light Plants. Click on any of the three categories below to learn about our diverse selection of plant life for the indoors.

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