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National sales office plants and other services

Welcome to Ambius National Sales, offering you a complete range of design services for the business indoor landscape. Rent plants through our interior plant service, select art work for your office or new construction, add ambient scenting to your workplace. Call us or fill in the online form.

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What is Ambius National Sales?

Ambius has service locations all throughout North America. But when your business spans across the country, sometimes one local service location just doesn't cover it. Ambius National Sales makes it easy. Ensure that your brand image remains constant no matter the geographic location. Our team will work with you to create a cohesive interior landscape plan to span all of your properties. Don't let the stress of maintaining your brand image take away from your daily operations. Ambius will take care of everything. From installation and maintanance to holiday decor for the special occasions, Ambius National Sales will ensure that all of your locations are taken care of.

Send the Ambius National Sales team a message today to discuss design options for your office locations across country.

National sales team green walls

Do you know about living green walls? More and more businesses today are looking to green walls as a way to add natural beauty while dramatically improving energy efficiency by moderating indoor air temperatures and humidity levels. A green wall, which is also referred to as a living wall or vertical garden, is a wall that is free standing or part of a building that is partially or completely covered with a vegetation facade. Every inspired landscaper digs their shovel into their soul and plants their own nature into their work. Green walls provide an inspired palette for landscape architects to harness and cultivate the joyful power of nature to best serve their clients.

There may be countless reasons why vertical gardens are an important addition to any commercial property.

Green walls roll out the welcome wagon — You can’t help but be awed by the beauty of a living wall. Whether a green wall is showcased in an interior setting such as in a hospital, hotel or commercial lobby or in full glory on the outside façade of a building, they make environments look more attractive and welcoming. Syed Hasan, general manager at Embassy Suites Chicago Downtown/Lakefront unveiled Chicago’s largest indoor green wall in his hotel’s sky lobby in June 2011. He believes that the new green wall rolls out a green welcome wagon to all guests and visitors.

“Not only is our green wall beautiful to behold but it actively improves the lifestyle of people in urban environments as the average person spends a majority of their time indoors,” says Hasan. “Our green wall also assists in reducing noise levels as plants absorb sound and improve energy efficiency by moderating indoor temperatures and humidity levels.”

Breath of fresh air — Vertical gardens provide a net positive impact to the environment over their lifespan. Foliage plants of indoor vertical gardens significantly improve indoor air quality by moderating temperature and humidity levels and filtering the air to remove harmful volatile organic compounds (VOC’s). VOC’s are “chemicals” which have significant vapor pressures that can be dangerous to human health and have adverse effects on the environment.

Striking a pose — Interior space planning is a fashion-driven business, and nothing “strikes a pose” more handsomely than an artful living wall. Interior living walls bring nature in-doors, important especially in urban areas where the average person spends more time inside commercial or residential buildings than outside with nature. People are naturally attracted to plants and gravitate toward living walls where the sensory experience is captivating. Where else, other than the tropical plant houses of botanical gardens, will you see the variety of exotic and unusual plant species that can be found in some vertical gardens?

National sales team expertise

As a reminder, our National Sales interior plant service offers a full range of Ambius office plants maintenance and servicing, including options to rent plants, ambient scenting, replica plants, corporate art, and commercial holiday décor. See what the benefits of plants can do for your workplace! Contact us via the phone number or fill in our online form.

Indoor plant rental for multiple locations

The Ambius National Sales team is ready to offer you and your multiple locations all of the benefits of plants with the least amount of fuss we can muster. Enhance your workspace through the use of living floral and office plants via our national plant rental services.

Whether you are a retail space looking for some greenery to enhance your stores or a global company focused on trying to create a more productive employee environment in your offices, Ambius plant rental services are there to help. Our interior landscaping specialists can recommend the right plants for your office or building and install them in the right space at a cost you can manage. Rental plants are just the thing to augment and enhance an office or building.

Contact the Ambius National Sales team and discuss the plant rental services we have ready to help you today.