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Benefits of corporate artwork

As the well-known saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words and at Ambius we certainly agree with that. As well as providing a welcoming environment to customers, artwork can enhance and help to communicate your brand values, bring life to dead spaces, invigorate colleagues as well as define specific areas.

Tastefully selected corporate art is an essential part of creating a welcome and warm office and work environment. Artwork depicting  nature and featuring nature-inspired  colors help tap into biophilia (our innate need for nature). Adding artwork to your space can improve the overall creativity and efficiency with which employees work.

If you think that the walls of your office or workspace is bland and blank, contact Ambius to talk to one of our corporate art consultants. We'll discuss an overall approach for the corporate art, indoor landscaping and lighting needed to really improve the space and make it better for employees, clients and customers.