Charlee Storner

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Charlee Storner - biography

Botanical Stylist, St. Louis, MO Ambius

A world without plants would be a bleak and austere world for St. Louis-based design consultant, Charlee Storner. Charlee sees “plantings as ‘living art’” and her passion is to “create living art that touches the soul, lifts the spirit and improves the quality of life.”

If Charlee had not become an award-winning plant stylist at Ambius, she likely would have become a set designer. “I live completely in my design world and envision the perfect ‘set’ for every client I work with,” says Charlee who worked as a floral designer and as an interior designer prior to joining Ambius. “I understand the client’s conceptual vision and bring my own sensibility to the project,” says Charlee who has a degree in Fine Arts and Design.

In her current role, Charlee, who often works in partnership with leading design and architect firms, is responsible for designing retail, hospitality and corporate interiors for many leading businesses including KV Pharmaceutical, Hyatt Riverfront Hotel and the Sheraton St. Louis City Center.

“The environmental benefits incorporating plants into the workplace are beyond dispute,” says Charlee. “I see the restorative power of plants in action each and every day. Plants are installed in buildings because they look beautiful and help to provide a tranquil environment in which to work or relax.’

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When she isn’t busy transforming workplaces into magical green environments, Charlee can be found enjoying life around St. Louis romping around with her giant Newfoundland mix dog joined by her husband, daughters, and grand-children.