Harrah’s resort

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Harrah’s resort

Customer Need

Harrah’s Casino hired Ambius to install both the interior and exterior plants in their Pool and Spa expansion. The plantings included four groupings of 20 palms ranging from 35’-55’ height. There were an additional 220 large specimen palms, bamboo and trees ranging from 10’ to 30’ tall. Ambius installed an automatic drip irrigation system suitable for both the indoor and outdoor plantings. Additionally, the client requested installation of the 25 semi loads of plants, 35 truckloads of soil and the working irrigation system be completed in five weeks, so as to be open to the public for the Memorial Day Weekend.


Ambius used 8,000 lb capacity forklift to unload the large plants from the semi-trailers, and bring the plants indoors. The plants were then transferred to a marine crane, which hoisted the large plants into place. Ongoing construction in the pool area was conflicting with, and impeding the access and installation of the large specimen plants and soil. To adhere to our schedule, a second-shift crew and foreman were added. Work was ongoing 18 hours each day (including weekends) as four semi-truck loads of large specimen plants rolled in each week, unloaded, installed, back filled and watered in.

The landscape architect specified palm groupings consisting of five Washingtonia robusta palms with the center palm being the tallest (50’-55’) and the surrounding palms curving outward. As each grouping was ‘built’, the carpenters and our staff needed to construct supports to secure the outward curving palms. Once all four of the groupings were completed, each group was cabled together for support and the wooden supports could be removed.


On May 15th, the last two semi-trucks of plants arrived, carrying approx. 250 orchids, 2000 bromeliads and 2500 small tropical plants. We completed the last of our installation work on May 23rd, and the facility was opened to public on May 24th.

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