Green walls

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Freestanding Green Walls

Benefits of a freestanding system:

  • Easy maintenance
  • Self-contained irrigation
  • Versitile placement options
  • Sound reduction
  • Acts as divider in open floor plans
Sagegreenlife Flourish Ambius

Sagegreenlife Flourish™

The Flourish living wall system revolutionizes the way green walls can be applied to spaces. With built-in LED lighting, a self-contained irrigation system, and a sleek and innovative design that's suitable for any space, the Flourish will inject new life wherever it's needed.

The portable design of this wall allows for interior landscape flexibility, taking up very little space with its thin 7" profile. A self-contained recirculating system allows for easy maintenance and an infrequent watering cycle.

Sagegreenlife Duet Living Partition Ambius

Sagegreenlife Duet™

Instilled with the spirit of innovation and developedwith a keen eye towards detail, the Duet double-sided living green partition is a paradigm-shifting green divider with the ability to enhance your space in an instant. Sleek and modern in its design, the Duet effortlessly merges attributes of health, wellness, and art into one unit.

The portable, dynamic design of the Duet wall allows for the system to move where you need it, when you need it. With built-in LED lighting, the Duet model is not limited to sunlit spaces, and its self-irrigating water recirculation system allows for easy maintenance and infrequent watering cycles.

Sagegreenlife Productivity Living Partition Ambius

Sagegreenlife Productivity™

The perfect fusion of form and function, the Productivity model combines the wellness features of living green walls with the working surface required for business and education settings. When combined, this unit's dynamic mobility features and radiant LED lighting system, this model provides perfect solutions for high-traffic, dynamic working spaces requiring functionality.

Featuring a high-quality dry erase work surface, the Productivity living partition makes a great addition to any office. Its built-in LED lighting allows for myriad design placement opportunities, not limited to sunlit spaces. Additionally, the self-irrigating water recirculation system allows for easy maintenance and infrequent watering cycles.

NextGen Room Divider Ambius

NextGen Living Walls Room Divider

Versatility is key when it comes to the NextGen Living Walls Room Divider. Available in one-sided or two-sided models, this divider is the perfect solution for a variety of spaces. Like other living walls by NextGen, the Room Divider can be used with both soil and hydro plants.

The NextGen Room divider brings privacy, aesthetics, and function into any space with easy installation and maintenance. Whether you have an open-floor concept that lends itself to a two-sided divider between work stations or a more segmented space that needs a little life, you can make a big impact with this system.