Sage Vertical Garden System

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Sage vertical garden system

Sage Vertical Garden Systems are sustainable green/living walls for buildings and the built environments give proven superior performance over time. Developed by U.K.- based BioTecture Ltd., the Sage system is used globally indoors and outdoors and supports a wide variety of plants from temperate woodies to tender seasonals to herbs. Plants are pre-grown and rooted vertically into Biotiles® a unique, patented modular hydroponic system, designed to deliver precise low water usage and low maintenance. The combination of horticultural rockwool and the hard shell encasement for water retention and long term plant performance make a true contribution to the sustainability of the built environment.

There are 6 components to a Sage Vertical Garden System:

  1. Support Framing: Vertical metal channel, tubing, Unistrut, wood framing or similar.
  2. Backing Board: Durable water-resistant PVC sheathing (Vycom Celtec™).
  3. Drainage Mat: Impermeable, high-flow dimpled composite bonded with a filter fabric layer.
  4. Battens: Narrow horizontal rails of PVC sheathing which hold the irrigation lines in position.
  5. Drip Irrigation System: Flexible tubing with pressure-compensating, self-cleansing inline emitters.
  6. Tiles: Preformed plastic shell containing inorganic Grodan growing media and capillary drainage strips.