Green walls

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Green wall services

As the market leader in creating enhanced commercial spaces, we specify, design, build, install, and maintain consistently superior experiential designs for the built environment. And when it comes to green walls, our turnkey service provides complete consultation of the project from start to finish.

Green wall design & consulting

Ambius has built a reputation for crafting award-winning green wall designs with industry-leading technical expertise and unmatched attention to detail. Our design experts will work with you to create the right look and find the right green wall design to fit your location, providing the maximum visual impact with the full benefits of plants.

Ambius designs and installs both interior and exterior green walls. For each project, the amount of design flexibility will vary depending on the customer's requirements, lighting, climate zone and green wall systems. Some green wall systems will allow for customized patterns such as company logos or even TV monitors.

If the climate in your area allows for it, we can install exterior green walls, too. Our designers will analyze your building to create an optimal design for you, taking into account the light and weather factors.

Green wall construction

Our Project Development team has decades of green wall installation experience, so you can rest assured that you are in good hands. We work with the mechanical, electrical and plumbing in your facility to figure out a strategy that will make your green wall look its best. Depending on the system being installed, the process will look something like this:

  • Protect all floors and surfaces
  • Install frames
  • Install irrigation controller and hardscape
  • Install pre-planted panels
  • Install irrigation drip lines and sensors
  • Test the irrigation system of the living wall construction
  • Initiate plant maintenance

So what happens after we install your green wall? Ambius provides monthly maintenance to your green wall to keep it fresh and healthy.

Green wall plant growth

Our green wall systems are designed to encourage plant growth so they will thrive and the green walls will continue to look great. To minimize the need for replacing plants, plants that thrive in many different environments are often selected for green walls because they can better adapt to their surroundings. Ambius will recommend specific plant species based on numerous factors, including whether the wall is installed on the interior or exterior of a property and the complexity of the design.

For exterior green walls, plants are selected based on the climate zone in which the property is located. For this reason, exterior green walls installed in the southern United States will have more plant species options than walls located in northern U.S. states.

How long the plants are grown before installation varies greatly. For some larger green wall projects, the plants must be grown for months before being installed. In each case, the plants used are customized for each system and planted with an eye toward the future and continued plant growth. The Ambius green wall system growth methods include:

  • Panel systems - plants are rooted into non-eroding growth material which promotes strong root structure and ensures longevity for your living green wall.
  • Tray systems - plants are pre-grown offsite before they are installed in the green walls.
  • Freestanding systems - plants are installed on-site meaning there is no need for pre-growth.

After we install a green wall, our specialists will visit your office and monitor the green wall system. We make sure to weed out plants that are not thriving and put in new plants. We can also adjust the green wall system to make sure plants continue to grow and thrive.

Green wall maintenance

Ambius green wall care begins after installation and includes a one-year maintenance and warranty program with every green wall. Our living wall maintenance program is one of the most comprehensive in the industry. We know that the optimal functionality of the green wall irrigation and drainage systems requires regular maintenance. The plants require frequent inspection for feeding, pruning, dead-heading, weeding, and replacement when necessary.

If you want to discuss your options for a green wall system in your space, contact your local Ambius office today.

Green wall system costs

Of course, one of the key factors that have probably entered your mind, is what does a green wall cost?
Unfortunately, there's no simple answer to that question. The costs of a green wall differ from one project to the next due to a number of factors such as:

  • Wall size - How big of a green wall do you want?
  • Type of green wall system - Depending on the size of your project, some types may be more realistic than others.
  • Watering system - Whether the wall includes an automatic watering system or requires manual watering will have an effect on the price.
  • Number of green walls - Many of our customers elect to have multiple walls installed.
  • Degree and frequency of maintenance - The maintenance plan you choose may affect the cost.
  • Custom designs - Our Ambius designers can customize the types of plants to include designs and even corporate logos.

Other factors may be considered in pricing. Your designer can give you a comprehensive breakdown of any proposed project.

Contact Ambius for green wall installation and maintenance

Once you have decided a Green Wall system is the right solution for your business, the first step is to contact your local Ambius office. Our experts will work with you to find the right green wall system and maintenance program for your needs.