Green walls

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Green wall design & consulting

Our Project Development team has built a reputation for crafting award-winning green wall designs, having industry-best technical expertise and an unmatched attention to detail. We provide blueprints and shop drawings specific to your green wall design project.

Living green wall design

If you are interested in our green wall design services, our experts will work with you to produce the right design. We can use many varieties and colors of plants to create specific designs.

Ambius can provide the complete design, supply, installation, and maintenance of every major green wall system in the market. Our design and construction team consists of:

  • Project Designers
  • Project Managers
  • Staff Architects
  • Horticulturalists

All of which provide design drawings, plant selection and design coordination, construction detailing and coordination.

Our turnkey green wall service

Our turnkey service provides complete consultation of the green wall project from start to finish. We work with the MEP, or mechanical, electrical and plumbing in the structure to figure out a strategy that would make your green wall look its best.

For each project, the amount of design flexibility will vary depending on the customer's requirements, lighting, climate zone and green wall systems. Some green wall systems will allow for customized patterns such as company logos or even TV monitors.

So what happens after we install your green wall? Ambius provides monthly maintenance to your green wall to keep it fresh and healthy.

Green wall consulting services

When you get a green wall installed in your building from Ambius, you will work with a dedicated architect who will be with you every step of the way. They will work around your team to come up with the best wall for your building.

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