Green walls

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Green wall plant growth

Green wall plants can be grown in different ways depending on the system. Ambius will recommend specific plant species based on numerous factors, including whether the wall is installed on the interior or exterior of a property and the complexity of the design.

Our Ambius designers will work with you to find the right Ambius green wall solution for your business. Our specialists will find the right system, design and the types of plants which will work best for your workplace.

Ambius offers green wall solutions so you can be sure the plants will be taken care of and maintained. Our green wall systems are designed to encourage plant growth so they will thrive and the green walls will continue to look great. The first step is to contact your local Ambius office to start the green wall consulting process.

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Exterior green wall plant growth

For exterior green walls, plants are selected based on the climate zone in which  the property is located. It is crucial to select plants that will survive in higher climate zones than the wall's location. Exterior green walls installed in the southern United States will have more plant species options than walls located in northern U.S. states.

To minimize the need for replacing plants, plants that thrive in many different environments are often selected for green walls because they can better adapt to their surroundings.

How long the plants are grown before installation varies greatly. For some larger green wall projects, the plants must be grown for months before being installed.

Interior green wall systems and plant growth

Ambius offers a number of interior green wall systems which we can use for a variety of situations. In each case, the plants used within the system are customized for each system and planted with an eye toward the future and continued plant growth. The Ambius interior green wall systems and growth methods include:

  • Panel systems, the plants are rooted into non-eroding growth material which promotes strong root structure and ensures longevity for your living green wall.
  • Tray systems, the plants are pre-grown offsite before they are installed in the green walls.
  • Freestanding systems, plants are installed on-site meaning there is no need for pre-growth.
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Ambius green wall plants

The types of plants used in the green wall system you have will depend on a lot of factors. Our Ambius green wall experts are highly trained. They know which plants will work best for the system you have installed as well as the lighting situation for exterior or interior environments. Moisture levels, light levels, humidity levels and other factors can determine which plants will grow within your green wall system.

Our Ambius designers will also take into account the designs and colors involved in your green wall. We know that you have decided upon a green wall system to get the benefits of plants, but also for the design aesthetic which goes with having such a striking piece of living art within your business. Our interior landscaping experts will ensure the right system with the right plants and right maintenance plan will keep your green wall looking great.

Ambius green wall monitoring

Ambius does not just install an elaborate green wall system and then leave you to take care of them by yourself. Taking care of a green wall and keeping the plants growing and thriving takes special skills and a full understanding of how plants grow, the right growth mediums and an understanding of how our systems work.

This is why Ambius offers those for whom we install a green wall system monitoring services. Our specialists will visit your office and monitor the green wall system. We make sure to weed out plants which are not thriving and put in new plants. We can also adjust the green wall system to make sure plants continue to grow and thrive.

Ambius green wall maintenance

In addition to monitoring, Ambius offers green wall maintenance. This means making sure plants which have died are removed and replaced. We make sure the plants continue to look nice and work well with your situation. We also maintain the actual green wall system and handle issues with the system if it breaks down.

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The first step in the entire process is to contact your local Ambius office. Our designers will discuss your situation and then offer you the right green wall system or solution which works with you, your workspace, budget and other factors.