Green walls

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Green wall tray systems

Green wall tray systems are perfect for indoor environments such as building lobbies, reception areas, and high traffic locations.

Benefits of green wall tray systems:

  • Plants are easily replaceable
  • Short lead time
  • No plant pre-growth period
  • Relatively simple system, resulting in a cost savings
  • Allows for plant relocation within the wall, rotating from low to high light

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ASI Next Gen Green Wall Ambius

ASI NextGen Living Wall

Originally developed for Europe, the NextGen Living Wall brings sleek, European design to North America.

Suitable for both soil and hydroponic plants, NextGen Living Walls offer endless design opportunities. With the right light and humidity conditions, almost any plant can find a place in a NextGen Living Wall. NextGen Living Walls have a customizable frame size, available in either white or pearlized silver, that allows the wall to be built to fit your space, not the other way around. You can even get complete coverage possible for adjoining walls with the corner tray options. The grid and tray system does not require plumbing or outside irrigation systems and fosters seamless color rotation to keep your design fresh and new.

Make a statement in your space while inspiring wellness and creativity with the NextGen Living Wall.

GSky Versa Green Wall Ambius

GSky® Versa Wall™

Discover the power of plants with a GSky® Versa™ living green wall. Versa green walls and are completely customizable are fast becoming an essential feature of a comprehensive brand-positive messaging strategy. Go green from the ground up with a unique and visually stunning statement piece that your employees, guests, and customers will enjoy for years to come.

There are 5 components to the GSky® Versa Wall™ System:

  1. Trays: Recycled polypropylene trays in 8 pot or 3 pot configurations
  2. Backing Board: Water resistant board onto which the trays are stacked
  3. Irrigation System: Vertical ebb n’ flow irrigation system can be direct plumbed and drained via sanitary line or recirculated by holding tanks
  4. Water Reservoir Tanks: Stored within the base of the wall, these tanks can be auto filled from a building water supply line or manually filled by the service technician
  5. Plants: Industry standard 4” pots, plants are not removed from their pots, they are placed into each tray within the provided indentations
GSky Smart Wall Green Wall Ambius

GSky® Smart Wall™

Brighten up your walls and enhance your space with a GSky® Smart Wall™ living wall system. Adding green to your space has never been as simple as it is with this pre-built, self-regulating living wall system. Plant, water, plug and play. It's that easy.

The GSky® Smart Wall™ is a smart, sensible solution for indoor office environments such as lobbies, reception areas, and high traffic locations. Requiring no plumbing, it’s durable, eco-friendly, and easy to customize – it’s designed so plants can be changed to create interesting, new, and seasonal designs, and come in several finish options including Ivory, Cherry, Walnut, and Black.